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POD Portal

What is Payment on Demand (POD)?

POD is our online payment module for Consumer Educators. It allows our sub-contractors the ability to;

      • Sign up to work events for Kube.

      • Add and update personal contact information (address, phone etc).

      • List  past CE experience & certifications.

      • Add bank information so you can be pushed pay for events worked.

      • Upon approval of the Event in Metrics, the payment will then show up in the sub-contractors personal POD account.

      • "Get Paid" Tab: Displays events that have been approved by the manager but not yet pushed to the CE's personal bank account.

      • Home: Lists all payments that have been pushed to the sub-contractors personal bank account.


To login into POD

Go to: http://pod.kube.com



What do you mean when you say you “push” my funds?

The estimated “push” date is the date we upload the payment file to our bank. This is not the date that the funds will post to your personal bank account.


How long after the “push” will the funds post to my account?

Typical transaction time for funds to post to your account is 2-4 business days after the push date. This is typical transaction time only. We do not guarantee that this is how long your individual transaction will take.


My local bank is open on Weekends & Holidays, why will I not receive payment on these days?

ACH processing does not occur at the local level. The large processing centers that handle the ACH transactions for banks are closed on weekends and holidays.


What do I need to do to get Paid?

Login into your POD account: Go to: https://pod.kube.com

  1. Make sure all personal information is accurate
  2. Add you bank information to the "My Information" page
  3. Submit your Event Recaps within 48 hours of working the event. If a Recap is not submitted on time, it may delay your payment.

Returned FundsIf you have incorrect bank information on file or your transaction has been returned to us for any reason, your market manager will notify you. We are typically notified of returned transactions within a week of the push date. If you are concerned about the status of your payment please contact support@kube.com

I forgot my username and password. How do I retrieve my information?  

kube CE's ca

n retrieve their POD username and password by going to the POD homepage (http://pod.kube.com) and clicking on the Forgot Password link. You will be asked to enter the e-mail address that you have on file in POD. A system generated email will be sent to you with your username/password. If you do not receive this e-mail you can e-mail support@kube.com to request their information.

If you are missing a payment from an event or is if payment is incorrect? Click the below link to open a support ticket to get the payment corrected.